Wednesday, March 17, 2010

..:::ketika sy sedang stress:::..

~~~its a raining wednesday noon~~~
diz week really tough 4 me..rse mcm nk nangis je....x sba nk tggu smpi lps hr jumaat ni...i'm suffocating..mentally and physically.still i can smile in front of others???hOw????it s because there's a person call friends~~~

what can i say is....i really appreciate u girls~~~thanks a lots 4 supporting me.....i know that i'm not a gud friends of yours but you all are really a gud friends of mine.....
not to forget....AISHAH AMALIN n FATIN NOR IZZATI......luv u girls~~~

miss u kele n che kuDd~~~~
***sorry la korg....unstable emotional state skang ni***