Monday, March 29, 2010

..::hOt screen::..

tittle:malam seni warisan kelantan
release:23rd march 2010(already released)

stars:amira ishak,atieqah diedie,ina joe
special appearance:kak farah,kak ya hui
summary:story about a group of determined young ladies work on the 'malam seni warisan kelantan'.help by 2 men(fakhri n luq). in this story,amira n ina joe play a role as exco teknikal n atieqah diedie play as exco protokol.they're undergo so many obstacles n problems with the management of the programme,but at the end of the day the manage to have a happy and satisfying day together...
  amira n atieqah diedie carrying a pokok bunga together with fakhri
ehem ehem....sempat lg tu
work on the red carpet together
take five 
playing before the program start
with kak farah n kak ya hui~~~
fakhri n luqman~~~
with rebana
after the program...luqman play a role as mpkb
gulung tikar~~~

even they're are exhausted n a little bit 'bengang',but at the end they're happy...picture while eating together are not available.....