Friday, May 21, 2010


yeah, this, I'm bring it bring it let let's go

Instead of those generic things
It's my own slogan
Instead of those similar ideas
It's my own logo
What you want?
Tell me baby what you do
Don’t mind the others and step, step, swagger
No matter how hard it may be
You can change, No matter what others say 
We can change, The way I want
Pop, pop, pop my collar
Do it up, And don't mind the others 
Take it on,Everyone to the sky
Jumping up, Do it, do it, do it better
Boy, boy, boy, change as thoughts go 
Girls, girls, girls, follow me and change
Change everything 
 Now change
I’m gonna change

1, 2, 3 Ah~
let's get let's get let's movin'
let's get let's get let's get started
you you you you ready?
yeah~ we just burn it!
The time keeps on ticking
And my concerns keeps on increasing
To explain why I lived like this
I keep stating the obvious facts all night
Now stop worry, worrying
Why, why do you keep avoiding
Stop, stop with the lies
And show me what you got
I can change, Although I'm not sure yet
You can change, Even if someone stops me
We can change, The way I want
Pop, pop, pop my collar
Do it up, Don't mind the others
Take it on, Everyone's hands in the air
I’m gonna change, change, change, change, change